The code contains an implementation of the fxmark benchmark suite. The benchmark code is located at usr/init/src/fxmark.

To run the fxmark benchmarks invoke the following command:

RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --test s10* -- s10_fxmark_bench --nocapture

fxmark supports several different file benchmarks:

  • drbh: Read a shared block in a shared file
  • drbl: Read a block in a private file.
  • dwol: Overwrite a block in a private file.
  • dwom: Overwrite a private block in a shared file.
  • mwrl: Rename a private file in a private directory.
  • mwrm: Move a private file to a shared directory.
  • mix: Access/overwrite a random block (with fixed percentages) in a shared file.

By default the integration test might not run all benchmarks, you can modify the CI code to change what benchmarks are run or study it to determine how to supply the correct arguments to run.py.


The following integration tests benchmark the address-space in nrk:

  • s10_vmops_benchmark: This benchmark repeatedly inserts the same frame over and over in the process' address space, while varying the number of cores that do insertions. Every core works in its own partition of the address space. The system measures the throughput (operations per second).

  • s10_vmops_latency_benchmark: Same as s10_vmops_benchmark, but measure latency instead of throughput.

  • s10_vmops_unmaplat_latency_benchmark: The benchmark maps a frame in the address space, then spawns a series of threads on other cores that access the frame, afterwards it unmaps the frame and measures the latency of the unmap operation (the latency is dominated by completing the TLB shootdown protocol on all cores).

  • s10_shootdown_simple: The benchmark measures the overhead in the kernel for programming the APIC and sending IPIs to initiate and complete the shootdown protocol.

The benchmark code is located at usr/init/src/vmops/. To invoke the benchmarks, run:

RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --test s10* -- s10_vmops_benchmark --nocapture
RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --test s10* -- s10_vmops_latency_benchmark --nocapture
RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --test s10* -- s10_vmops_unmaplat_latency_benchmark --nocapture
RUST_TEST_THREADS=1 cargo test --test s10* -- s10_shootdown_simple --nocapture